Art and Design

Overview Statement:

Art and design education gives children the necessary tools for creative problem-solving skills, communicating thoughts and ideas using a variety of media, and understanding human experience. Pupils learn about Art and Design in relation to the creative industries, through the exploration of traditional and contemporary artists and designers.

Rekha Teji

Manvit Bal

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Art club runs every Tuesday after school. Students work on a range of art, craft and design activities and submit work in national art competitions.

Visits to art exhibitions enrich students understanding of the visual arts.

The art department facilitates gallery visits as part of enrichment activities for all sixth form students.


How to support your child:

Please ensure your child is fully equipped for their art lesson with HB/2B pencils, erasers, sharpener and a ruler.

In addition to this, for homework tasks students may be required to use colour pencils and a glue stick.

It is a beneficial experience wherever possible to visit a gallery or museum

Useful websites to support Art and Design skills and knowledge.

For further information, contact: Rekha Teji subject leader for Art and Design