An exciting and dynamic subject, Business Studies relates to the real world of business and the community at large. Students are encouraged to learn from the world around them by wholeheartedly incorporating industry links and have a vocational focus to develop understanding.

At KS4 we offer GCSE Applied Business. KS5 provision is strong as we offer progression via the Applied A level alongside the BTEC National.

We offer a range of enrichment perhaps most significantly our work with Blastbeat and Social Entrepreneur, encouraging students to develop their own companies. Alongside this we have strong links with Young Enterprise and have embarked upon a range of outreach work with local primary schools.

We have a positive relationship with our students and this is no doubt reflected in our results. Vocational courses have added to the richness of our department and have enabled many students to go on to Russell group universities with great success.

Mrs Gill
Mr Bux

 KS4 (please also refer to exam boards and specific papers)

GCSE Applied Business Edexcel

This GCSE consists of two units over 2 years with linear assessment.Candidates will therefore take all of their externally assessed examination units at the end of their course. The course comprises of two mandatory units,an external exam which constitutes 40% of the overall qualification and a portfolio controlled assessments making up 60% of the qualification.

Unit 1 – Investigating how businesses work

This unit covers:

  • Business Activity,
  • Business Aims and Objectives,
  • Ownership,
  • Ethics,
  • Functional Departments,
  • Stakeholders.

Unit 2 – Financial Records

This unit covers:

  • Financial Documents,
  • Payment Methods,
  • Financial Statements (Profit and loss, Balance sheets),
  • Ratios.

Wider reading and independent research are essential. The following are key resources to develop breadth and understanding of the subject.

KS5: (please refer to exam boards and specific papers)

Applied A level Edexcel

This is a 6 unit course which can be taken as an AS alone or then further developed at A2. All units are equally weighted. Units are a combination of external exam and portfolio development all of which are vocationally orientated.

AS modules are :-

Unit 1 People at work Unit 2 Business Organisations Unit 3 Marketing

A2 modules are:-

Unit 8 Business Development Unit 9 Human Resources Unit 13 Organising an Event

Edexcel BTEC National Business

This course has the equivalence of 1 A level and must be continued through to Year 13 to gain accreditation.
The course comprises of 6 modular units comprising of four compulsory units and 2 optional units. All units carry equal weighting and are vocationally orientated and portfolio based.
The course involves a great deal of independent research and practical involvement through presentations and interviews.
The course also incorporates visits with local businesses to support learning.


Many opportunities arise in the subject namely: Project Business looking at how business establish themselves in the market Money Twist Workshops focusing on financial capability.
Industry visits: Watermans Theatre; Marriott Hotel; IBM which form the basis of vocational assignments. Enrichment at 6th form includes Blastbeat.


How to support your child:

In order to support your child’s understanding of the subject you could: – Ensure revision notes are complete after each topic. – Ensure all deadlines are adhered to as per teacher instruction. – Encourage additional reading of business news or simply watch the news. – Ensure completion of past papers leading up to examination period.

For further information, contact: Ravi Gill, subject leader