Students are assessed in three different areas.

Assessment focus one – ‘Creating’ assesses the students’ ability to devise drama, work as a group, direct, and refine their own performance pieces.

Assessment focus two is ‘Performing’ which assesses the students’ ability to use the skills of drama and communicate their performance to an audience.

 Assessment focus three is ‘Responding’ – this is assessed solely through written work and assesses the students’ ability to reflect on their performances and rehearsals and also their analyse and evaluate their work and that of others.

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Each year students have the opportunity to take part in the school show and the Shakespeare’s schools festival. Moreover, students get the opportunity to attend West End theatre productions and take part in workshops both in and out of school. An example of this is Year 10 students taking part in an African dance workshop led by a professional dancer.


A third of their final grade comes from ‘performing’. Students have to perform at least one self-written monologue a year as well as perform in an innumerable amount of assessed scripted and devised performances. Encouraging them to rehearse in front of a family audience would be very useful and help to further boost their confidence (students are always given time to prepare in class too). The written element often involves reflective writing; encouraging your child to complete their written homework soon after the practical session will support them in terms of depth, and helping them to verbally articulate their practical experiences; this could also serve to help with cognitive development and communication skills in general.

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