Our aim is to provide an innovative and inclusive learning community. We encourage students to think independently, to develop resilience when tackling challenges, and to express themselves with creativity and accuracy.


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The English department offers a rich and varied enrichment programme to enhance our pupils’ learning and develop their cultural capital. We celebrate both World Book Day and World Poetry Day and get involved in exciting national projects such as BBC School Report and The Poetry Games.   To inspire pupils further we invite authors and theatre companies to provide interactive workshops and performances. We are part of Young Shakespeare Nation, and we regularly offer trips to the theatre – for example An Inspector Calls and The Crucible – or to cultural destinations such as Strawberry Hill and The Globe.


The most important thing you can do to support your child is to encourage him or her to read regularly at home. Children tend to start secondary school with a reading age that is, on average, a year younger than their actual age. As they progress to year 11, many children become more reluctant readers, and this gap becomes even wider. At Lampton we promote the Accelerated Reader programme which we believe will help close this literacy gap. Supporting us in this programme by encouraging your child to read frequently will have a positive effect on their reading age, and thus on their ability to perform well in their exams.

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 : (SL, DSL or KS post holders for particular Key Stages where relevant

Birna Helgadottir – Head of English

Nasira Dawood – Key Stage 3

Emily Giles – Key Stage 4

Danielle Leggett – Key Stage 5


Ms Helgadottir, Head of Department
Ms Bolton, Assistant Head in charge of inclusion

Mr Broad, G&T Co-ordinator

Ms Cronshaw, Director of Teaching Schools Programmes
Ms Dawood, in charge of KS3 and Enrichment
Ms Leggett, in charge of Key Stage 5
Ms Giles, Deputy Subject Leader in charge of Key Stage 4
Ms Dar
Ms Dhaliwal

Ms Gibbons

Mrs Jaffray, Teaching School Programme Leader & Director of Schools Direct
Ms Kapila, Assistant Headteacher
Miss Mahmoud, Teaching Assistant
Mr McKeigue, Reading Leader (Accelerated Reader)

Dr McLaughlin (Researcher in Schools)

Ms Moxon Holt, English and Media teacher

Miss Mukherjee

Mr Pavey, Assistant Head Teacher and Specialist Leader of Education