Provide opportunities for pupils to get involved in a broad and balanced range of different activities that develop the whole body and encourage healthy active lifestyles.  Furthermore, we aim to equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make intelligent decisions about their future health and well-being by remaining engaged in physical activity when they leave school.

Provide opportunities for pupils to experience a range of roles within a physical activity such as player, coach, official to engage all pupils in all activities.

Provide opportunities for pupils to experience sport and physical activity beyond the classroom in organised intra and inter-school competitions.  Facilitate participation in sport and physical activity outside of school through the development of club links.

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School teams and clubs: There are a number of lunch-time, before school and after school clubs that focus on fun, enjoyment and participation at the same time as developing high levels of performance with gifted and talented pupils for representative sport and school teams.  There are training sessions and teams for every year group in the following sports:

Girls: Netball, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Fitness, Rounders and Athletics.
Boys: Basketball, Rugby, Badminton, Football, Fitness, Cricket and Athletics.

Interform:  The PE department run a series of inter-form competitions throughout the year. All eight form groups compete against one another for an end of year trophy. Students organise their own teams through form group sports captains who are nominated for the year.

All pupils in Years 7-10 compete in sports day, results go towards the final interform table.


Please ensure that you child has the correct PE kit.  All items that are listed below are required and apply to both boys and girls unless specified:

  • Black rugby shirt with the Lampton Crest
  • White polo shirt with the Lampton Crest
  • Black tracksuit trousers or shorts
  • Sturdy lace up trainers (not plimsoll’s / Converse style fashion trainers)
  • Football boots for boys from Year 8 upwards
  • Football boots for girls from Year 7 upwards
  • Gumshield for boys from Year 8 upwards

Hair must be tied back and all jewellery (including any form of piercings) must be removed at the start of PE lessons. Please note that earing’s in newly pierced ears have to be removed fully, therefore please ensure that piercings are made at an appropriate time i.e. at the start of long school holidays.

Pupils must be equipped with a rugby shirt and a white polo shirt.  The rugby shirt is the only permitted long sleeved garment to be worn during the winter months.

Headscarves must be securely tied with closed ended pins.  Open ended pinspose a health and safety risk during all physical activities.

All items must be clearly marked with your child’s name.

For further information, contact:

Mrs Lucy Newman