The Psychology Department places a strong value on critical engagement with course material and making links to wider psychological issues in everyday life. We have high expectations of students. Students are expected to work hard both independently outside of lesson, and work collaboratively with their peers in lesson in order attain the best possible grades. There is key emphasis on students taking ownership of their own learning. However in order to aid students’ achieve their potential, staff are committed to supporting them throughout the year in various ways such as revision classes, weekly drop in support sessions and peer mentoring.

Amit Puni
Gordon Pheysey

Course Description:

100% of the Psychology grade is based on the exams. Students will be examined at least twice a year formally.

Key Stage 5 Exam Overview


We study 10 psychological research studies and four research methods. The research stems from a wide range of topics ranging from memory to obedience to authority. There is also a strong focus on critically examining the methodology that psychologists use to gather their evidence. Students will conduct their own research using the four key psychological methodologies: observation, correlation, experiment and self-report. We also cover five key psychological approaches: developmental, social, individual differences, cognitive and physiological.

Research methods(01) 1.30 mins  exam AS – 50%
Psychological themes throughCore studies (02) 1.30 mins  exam AS – 50%


We study Forensic Psychology and Health Psychology focusing on core psychological theories and research such as Locus of Control and how theory is applied in real-life situation. E.g. what causes depression? What influences the jury in reaching a verdict? Students study through a synoptic lenses drawing on new and previous psychology learning to create and evaluate their own psychology research design.

G543: Options in Applied Psychology 2 Hour Exam A level – 25%
G544: Approaches & Research Methods in Psychology 2 Hour Exam A level – 25%


We offer a range of enrichment activities such as: Psychology master classes at several universities; trips to; local museums visits to related exhibits; and visits to Courts.

Students are also able to apply for limited places at a psychology taster day at a university where they are able to participate in real psychological research and able to interact with university students who share their experiences of studying psychology.

How to support your child:

There is a significant amount of homework and readings in Psychology. On average there is four hours of work outside of lessons required by students to complete a week. In order to support your child please ensure that they are keeping up with weekly homework and reading. Pupils are assessed regularly so please monitor your child’s grades each half term. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact Amit Puni at or at 020 8572 1936 ext 263.